In 2006 -2009 we were part of a success story in the UK, where we grew from zero to a £15m turnover in 5 years.

Gabriela and Liesl joined on the early part of a recruitment and diverse group company including property and other media, and their roles were developing and controlling the dynamics of capital and cash flow.

This started as a recruitment company with a difference, provided temp staff to large factory contracts.  It to date remain the only recruiter to recruit for Casinos, having done so for Gala (240 staff full time). It additionally opened offices in Central and East Europe to recruit directly to fulfil these contracts.

Due to servicing a number of contracts, the company thought it would make sense to set up a property company to house staff recruited for factory jobs. It sourced good accommodation and aimed to give staff secure and well placed for work. It had over 80 properties in 2 years and was housing over 400 people.

Gabriela says ‘This was not an everyday experience, but a privilege and extraordinary opportunity. This was an entrepreneur led project, and we gained valuable experience seeing how growth from a zero base is possible’.